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Few things kettlebells

You see, too many of us out there have no idea how to hold a kettlebell. In this article, i want to talk about something that many seasoned users or shall i say qualified kettlebell trainers still am doing it wherever i go across the globe. With an array of certifications around the block, its … Continue reading

Squatter’s knees

Do you have the squatter knees? How do you know if you have it? If you have pain from squatting, due to squatting or trying to,then you most probably have squatter’s knee. Yeah it is that simple. Everyday i see and hear people from all walks of backgrounds coming to see me about their knees … Continue reading

Workout lesser, talk more

  Talk more, train lesser. Yeah you read it right. Talk more, train lesser. You are most probably wondering what the hell i am on I’m sure. Nevertheless, i am going to ask you people out there who talk more than you workout? If you don’t already, then you’re doing it wrong. What if i … Continue reading

Fix your hips

Many of the movements for most things daily and sporting activities have us move from the hips down or hips up. Tight hips can pose problems where you wouldn’t even imagine, from shoulder pain to ankle mobility but i shall not go into that as it’s not the purpose of this article. Over in this … Continue reading

Kettlebells, are they really worth the hype?

You’ve heard it all before from someone or read it somewhere in the magazine, article or even on youtube that this is by far the most effective workouts anyone can do. It’s creeping up many of the gyms around the corner and popping up as fast as we blink. However, many of us who are … Continue reading

ONE exercise your not doing, and why you should start.

Kettlebell Swings First and foremost if you are new to this tool, it looks like a ball with a handle and can be spotted with an array of colours, shapes, weights and sizes. They are also known to be very hard to do and people shy away form training using them. I, on the other … Continue reading

Warming up

Wrecking before training.   Sounds bad doesn’t it. Well, guess what? you most probably are guilty yourself of doing this. To most of us who lifts at least three times a week a minimum, we barely think of how important warming up is, so here i am writing something up to hopefully make you see … Continue reading

Four must-do exercises that your not doing…..

For the years that i have always tried taking a “shortcut”, a “smarter” way of “training less to grow more”, or just plain balls to walls training old skool style….i jus can’t seem to figure out what would be the most valuable training movements that most of us should do, if you even lift that … Continue reading