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Lockout prof

Hey hey hey, thank you for taking time to visit me here on my blog! For those who don’t  know me, I am a Personal Trainer/Manual Therapist/Strength Coach/Managing Director and a lifelong student (too many things i don’t know yet) still. I am as well known as”the” Kettlebell Jedi! My passion is helping people change their perspective about fitness and health and even helping with changing people’s lives as i changed mine through fitness. With that being said, i hope that my small personal blogs will help people out with some “insider” tips for your personal health and fitness goals. Oh yes, i love food as well…don’t we all? Since this is my personal blog, i will be writing as i would be speaking from my mind and nothing will be biased (well of course if I’m writing about something i love then it is ha).

With that all in mind now, i wanna leave of saying this few quotes that i live by:

-If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything.

-Strong mind, stronger body.

-Love life, live big and smile heaps as life is too short to miss it for other people’s pleasures.

-Movement is life, life is movement.

-Good things are meant to be shared! 🙂


Heres a few ways you can choose to connect with me:



Email me @ Personaltrainer_jab@yahoo.com.sg


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