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ONE exercise your not doing, and why you should start.

Kettlebell Swings

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First and foremost if you are new to this tool, it looks like a ball with a handle and can be spotted with an array of colours, shapes, weights and sizes. They are also known to be very hard to do and people shy away form training using them. I, on the other hand would say that if you find a qualified with good progression common sense can make this easy and less of a learning curve(note i did not mention fun) and that you can expect to see a great deal of results ranging from fat loss, sports carry over e.g. golf, post injury(rehab), strength, toned body, decrease the chances of injury and many many more. If it all sounds too good to be true then why are the so few people doing them? One answer, Hardwork. Unfortunately most of our lifestyle doesn’t allow us to increase the work capacity in the gym every single session due to poor recovery, poor eating habits, and many many more, unless of course you are working in the fitness industry! Since your reading this i assume your ready for a change! Let’s see what you can expect from doing the kettlebell swings or incorporate it into your program!


Increased Cardiovascular conditioning


-The nature of the exercise itself is very ballistic and explosive. That itself is metabolically challenging to say let alone do it. The swings requires one to move more than one joint and pretty much the whole body(except the arms) to move it, that is one of the reason why your heart rate will be very high in a short matter of time. Think about running for a bus or the traffic lights, you realize how much air your gasping at the end after your small sprint? The same goes to the swing, your whole body needs to move in synchronized manner to explode for that run. Your heart will thank you later for it.

Increased performance on the “playing field”

-For those who compete in sports of any kind, you will require power from your hips. The swings allow you to generate power from the hips if done correctly NOT your shoulders!


Increased Fat Loss


-The kettlebell swings easily burns plenty of calories which was about 14calories per minute aerobically and 7 calories per minute anaerobically! When you do HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) type of training, you burn not only during the session but after as well which is what we refer to as the afterburner! That leaves your body’s metabolic rate at a slight increase helping you to shed more while resting!






-Too many times i get asked this question: What is the ONE exercise that i can do if i have 10-15mins in the gym but still be able to burn fats, get strong, conditioning, increase cardio conditioning , gain muscles and not get injured? Many times my answer will be the same, swings. If you really have no time in the gym you can still get real with the intensity of training with kettlebells and swing your minutes away to take advantage of the benefits. The fastest workout one can do using the Kbs is a mere 4minute(Tabatta).


Glutes for show


-Swings are just one of the exercises that helps you activate and actually use your posterior perkiness to good. It helps saves the lower back by taking off some load and distributing it into the glutes. Apart from having looked like you have pro-grade kettlebells behind you, its always helpful for decreasing injury. This pretty much sums up the deal for the benefits of the kettlebell swings doesn’t it, nope theres more.


Swings are useless
Just checking if your paying attention


Stretching is mainstream

Taking the word ballistic to another level.

Taking the word ballistic to another level.

-You can stretch while doing the swings!! In the eccentric loading phase(where the kettlebell moves downward towards you), you will be in a fully tensioned feel with your hamstrings. If you do it correctly increasing the range from sets to session, you will be able to get yourself stretching ballistically and in turn, less time doing stretching and more time getting more swings or other form of work in between before rest time! Talk about hitting two birds with one stone!
With all that said, you will need to know how to swing correctly in order for you to really maximize your training session and sustain no injury while swinging. Find yourself a CKC(Certified Kettlebell Coach), someone who is qualified to teach you the correct techniques not something that you must do but more of why you should do it coach. Good luck trying to pick up a kettlebell, i would love to hear from you after 🙂

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