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Hey all,


I will be running a 4 weeks kettlebell clinic to better your usage with using them. The four weekends will take you through proper posture, propulsion, biomechanics, breathing, learning what the curve is all about in kettlebell and how to program it into your current/ future goals. Time to master the basics and propel your performance. Come join us!


Topics that will be covered:

Kettlebell swings

Clean and rack

Clean and press


We do not have a pre requirement for this as this is a clinic to help you better use them. What you can expect is there will be plenty of practice, questions and answers during the four weeks. Each session will be 1hr 30mins long and each sunday form the first date. There will not be a make up session or refund for the course so please take note. More details of the timings and pricing can be found on the sign up form.

-This is not a certification workshop, a certificate of attendance can be issued if needed.

Sign me up HERE!


Ps: Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any!

If a minimum number of participants is not met the clinic will not be put through and refunds will be given back.

About Jab

Delusionally Optimistic Personal Trainer and Manual Therapist. Lifetime foodie advocate.


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