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Four must-do exercises that your not doing…..

For the years that i have always tried taking a “shortcut”, a “smarter” way of “training less to grow more”, or just plain balls to walls training old skool style….i jus can’t seem to figure out what would be the most valuable training movements that most of us should do, if you even lift that is(yes you know who you are). Now that i am much older, wiser, more aware of the consequences of certain actions aaaand most importantly i have made it to where i am with least amounts of injury (well not major ones at least). The four list that i chose has specifics in them that allows one to improve in many areas as well as a high carry over to most things in life let alone a sporting activity(Functional). If you want to improve your testosterone, increase GH levels, burn fats, improve mobility, improve mobility, look good and move better, than read on!


Lets get started shall we:


1. Lift something heavy at least once a week. No. Not.Your.Laptop. (Think strongman kinda training)


Ok maybe not quite them as well. Ok, only if you must.


Carrying heavy stuff doing “functional” stuff with it jus tops the list. Why? Because it jus does. It provides your body with so many stimulus to get stronger and turn on the ANABOLIC mode for you to grow manly muscles with a pair of moustache and a grizzly beard. It as well helps with your body turn on the stabilizers and gets the joints to be more….stabilization of course. Testosterone as well will be flowing for them who does lift heavy sessions (i can tell for myself) :). These are some of the movements that you can start to incorporate if you want to start all the goodness of growth and walk on the road of manliness:

– Farmers Walk (you can use a dumbbell/kettlebell/barbell/ trap bar etc) Walk either for distance or time.

– Yolk walk (Specialized strongman equipments if you can find them, good for you)

– Sandbag walks (hugging it and just walking for time or distance)

– Prowlers/ Sledge (push or pull, either way.) do them for time or distance as well.

– Deadlifts (barbell). Get in the rep range of singles or up to three max reps.


2. Plyometrics



She makes it look effortless and nice doesn’t she.


Plyometrics play a big part when you are trying to get explosive in your lifts. Speed development(plyometrics) is fundamental to increasing the amount of weight lifted. To help increase power, you do plyometric training. Say for example you wanna bench heavier and be able to grind out your 1-2 rm goals faster you would be looking to improve your explosiveness. When your muscles rapidly shift from stretching to shortening, their capacity to produce force increases. For this reason, many plyometric exercises which involves jumping or other dynamic full-body movements in addition to weight bearing. When doing plyometrics, keep in mind that you don’t want to have the reps slow down too much or else you are going to cause more injury than see yourself progressing. Rest more and ligthen the weight if you have to as the word “Plyometric” implies, you want to work more on speed and explosiveness so when your speed is getting slower do two things.

1. Lighten the load.

2. Rest a bit more!

Here are some examples of exercises/movements that you can start to incorporate in your program to achieve high full body (upper or lower) athleticism and of course improve force production:

– Body weight push up

– Bench press (smith or free weights)

– Jump squats (on a box/platform or just stationary air squats)

– Olympic lifts

– Pull ups/ Chin ups

– Jumping spilt squats/ Alternate lunges

PS: While there are many more exercises that you can choose from other than what is listed, these will be somewhat more of a compound movement to allow you to have more engagement of the whole body as a unit and will be more taxing on the body. Rule of thumb if you are incorporating plyos, speed first strength second.


3. The legendary TGUs (Turkish Get Ups)


Normally we do it with kettlebells, but Shawn Mozen here is obviously not normally strong.


Now this will be a tiny bit tricky if your not familiar with kettlebell training. Why and how can this movement exercise be listed here? Simple. Full.Body.Superiority. It works pretty much everything you nee to be strong functionally from the ground up. With an array of movements to remember and execute with perfection, control, stability and mobility to jus do a single rep from the ground up, you will be amazed at how much stronger you will get jus by practicing the TGUs. You can also use this to determine which mobility or stability issue to work with at different phases of the TGU as some of the more detailed coaches out there use them as a screening for lack of mobility. For the TGU, i would definitely suggest that you find yourself a personal trainer or coach that is very well versed in them for you to be doing it properly and getting the most benefits out of it.


Ps: TGUs will be best to be used in the earlier part of the workouts, say for example warm ups. As they help you engage heaps of muscles and get your joints lubricated and running from a multi directional approach.



4. Olympic Lifts


That wasn’t what i meant when giving the cue “get under the bar” meant.


Oly lifts are very technical and absolutely exhausting on your body due to the nature of the movements/ lifts. Explosively fast, multiple joints, full body muscular engagement…what does that tell you so far? Plenty room of muscles to put on when naked due to the fast movements which engages the fast twitch fibres, fat loss (diet in check), fantastic force production, awesome mobility in general and plenty more goodness that i can keep on typing but i think you have an idea why you should be doing them. Here is some of the list of Oly lifts you can start incorporating into your workouts:

– Snatches

– High pulls

– Clean to high pulls

– Clean/ Overhead squats

– Snatch/ Overhead Squats

– Clean/ front squats

– Clean/ Jerks

Ps: Once again, as these are very technical complexes, have someone who is well trained in them to teach it to you. After all, if it looks like a snatch it doesn’t mean that your doing a snatch 🙂

Well there you have it four of the must do’s that you are most probably not doing. You can either do them as a stand alone exercise or incorporate them into your workouts that you are going through right now and see what the difference in performance and body composition will be waiting for you. As always before i end, i want to just say; Techniques first, Load better. Hope you enjoyed reading this, now start changing your body!








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