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Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

Art of fasting

Going on a “prescribed” diet is like going into a dark room with the blind man leading you leaving you feeling hopeful that you will be “guided”…if that even makes sense. See ever since the craze of fat loss diets and retaining of muscle mass while dieting on a “prescribed” regime has been around there’s been one too many too choose from. There’s the Atkins diet, bodybuilding diet(where you eat shit loads of protein throughout every three hours or so), and bulking diet that has you eat so much carbs that all you want to do is go to the nearest potatoes sack in the supermarket and start your own line of  buffet.

What made me try intermittent fasting was an interesting one actually….Ramadhan(fasting month for muslims) was coming and each time I fast…(you saw this coming) I lost my precious muscle mass, weight dropped and I looked scrawny. So I had to look out for something that can help me out with “evading” the vicious cycle AGAIN AND AGAIN…and I came across my client who was doing it(he was almost like god sent). Everything was goin though my favour so I read some of the stuff on lean gains and started to do some research and thought that I’d have to try this out as it came close to the fasting cycle for Ramadhan  and hopefully I CAN GAIN MUSCLE
AND LOSE BODY FAT ALL AT THE SAME TIME! This was too good to be true, can’t believe this hype and etc.

I decided, lets take everything into papers so I can see if this “fad diet” works for me and doable or not so here’s my reading for my fat calipers as I don’t believe in the bio electrical impedance machine due to high fluctuation if my age, height and and body temperature changes:

(Note that I started only on Ramadhan and the measurement was done before)
27 June 2012
Suprailiac 7
Triceps 4
Biceps 3
Sub scapula 10
Weight: 75kg


Back to where I was…now I’m a cynical person to many things unless proven when applied. So I decided to try and abuse the “prescribed dieting” to a whole new level. I jumped onto the 16hours fast-8hours of feeding frenzy. To start off with, my body fat levels are not that high so it’s gonna be interesting to see what happens to my body. Most of my body fats lies in the normal problem areas(tummy, butt and thighs). Given that I have only 8hours of food intake(mind you it’s quite hard as I have clients to work with around my feeding time, yes I have a life and job like you) I wanted to really abuse the “system”. For my meals, I gave them a ranking system whereby I have protein as the main or the first thing I look at food, second carbs thirdly whatever nutrients I can get out of my meals.

Here’s the problem being about going paleo…I won’t do it. It’s not me and it’s not practical for me living in an urban jungle playground. It makes all sense(paleo diet) but I’m not gonna go through something which is going to sidetrack me of my beers, fish and chips, McDonald’s, think you got have an idea by now.

Fasting starts.

Had to run to the gym and get me workouts before I break my fast(730pm). Had a few issues here and there due to timings and not being able to consume water as the days passes by I had to go through the day without anything untill dawn came. It was HELL. Workouts without water or anything seems like the last thing I could think of to help me with my physique. The first week passed and I’ve already lost heaps of  scale weight and everyone knew that I was fasting. Workouts didn’t feel like a good one due to muscular fatigue kicking in faster than I can lift the 5kgs. Cramps happening often then the reps being done. I seriously don’t know how I made it through trying and hoping to sustain the intermittent fasting for a few more weeks till now.

Something started to change in the middle of the 3rd week. Body fats looking lower and somehow my glycogen stores were much fuller when I dieted for a bodybuilding competition(which was a disaster due to dieting). There was also some days which I missed the workouts and didn’t get to eat 8hours due to breakfast time and jus plain laziness from no carbs(couldn’t be bothered). Moving on, the last week of fasting I managed to space out timings to eat and workout accordingly to schedule and that was when things started changing. Body fat “seems lower” and that’s it no other changes.


before after


My first workouts inwards after the first day of non Ramadhan was heaps better as I was able to consumed amino acids and drank water throughout the day and workout(HUGE difference). Something was slowly changing and I was about to find out on the fourth day of being able to consume water, amino acids and feed myself for straight 8 hours. I somehow was feeling slightly pumped and slightly  vascular around midnight. What I found most interesting was I could actually push more, workout longer(2hours) sometimes missing my breakfast time!



my daily indulges
I ain’t lying when I said I was skeptical and wanted to see if I could somehow “abuse” the system. Pics of what I ate can be seen on “instagram” where I went bonkers with food while I could still eat….body fat started to be more obvious with vains popping out everywhere from my chest to my inner thighs which is a  rare sight!

Amongst all the exercises that I kept changing, these were the few ones that I had to keep doing due to its benefits on cardiovascular strength, speed, agility, power, muscular strength and not forgetting big time EPOC for fat loss! My workouts consisted of both bodybuilding style and lifting as I wanted to look good and be able to still perform strength feats:)
Must do moves:
Dead lifts
Med ball slams
*note that I didn’t do any “prolonged cardio” work. Resistance training only.

While all these might be due to increased protein intake, higher volume of workouts or plain placebo somehow, it’s definitely showing fantastic results for someone who junks on food. Maybe I’m blessed with slightly better generics but who cares, I’ve never looked better and felt better. Eating like me might not be beneficial yet detrimental so the take away message is if you want to try intermittent fasting and hope to junk and lose fats and gain muscle all at the same time, good luck trying. As for me I’m enjoying every single workout as it just keeps getting better…Consider me converted to this lifestyle as I don’t have to shy away from anything…for now.  If you want to see how it goes with IF stay tuned as I’ll update you guys soon. HAPPY EATING:) Its only been 3 months of fasting now and i will defintely be back with more updates on this. Any questions or comments please feel free to voice out personally: personaltrainer_jab@yahoo.com.sg or comment down.

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Delusionally Optimistic Personal Trainer and Manual Therapist. Lifetime foodie advocate.



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