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Kinesio tape

For those of you wondering what the hype on these tapes are all about, I’ll explain as simple as we go in why and so on and for those who already felt the amazing results, keep spreading the good words!!

Many of use have seen athletes or sporting people strapping colourful bandages that looks rather fashionista and maybe thought, hey I’d like that or some of us have even thought about using em and trying to see if it really helps pains of all kinds that we are having which can include: back pain, lumbar pain, joint pains, muscles tears, swelling, rotator cuff pains, ACL(knee pain), structural deviation, tight muscles, over active muscles, inactive muscles, faster recovery for muscles soreness, or jus plain support for ligaments and sports or daily functional performance. Yes l, these are only some of the few areas that I can think of that can be of benefit for any of us.

What is kinesio tape you may ask. This is a researched data based products that is made public for people to use and get treated on. This tape has been made nearest to the texture and movement of the epidermis of the skin and that it’s still allow enough breathability so that it will not be kept “under” the tape, rather it helps breathe, circulate and most cases “facilitate”(activate) weak muscles that are inhibited from moving or firing. The move best in a upward direction and can stretch quite a bit due to the elasticity of the kinesio tapes. The tapes help lift the skin up and sends positive signals to the brain which in turn send the signal back to where the tape is being applied and make appropriate changes(on the methods used). They have an adhesive glue that has three kinds of glue and has been made to suit as young as babies to an old person and even made hypo allergenic for most people to put on and made to suit most patients skins. 85% of people who needs it most in terms of or text application are actually NON athletes!! Yes you read it right, NON athletes! So bear this in mind that ANYONE Can use this!

Now the question of how do we apply this? There’s many ways around this as the taping is done with a many guidelines from assessment, taping methods used and even a follow up assessment to see if a different techniques should be use to help things be on track. Unfortunately there is no straight answer for this as clinical reasoning is what it is mostly based on thus a trained professional is normally a good idea to approach(someone certified to practice). As with some applications of the tapes might be wrong due to simplest things like you might be activating an over active muscles like the traps when you should try and relax them or in some cases you need to know if you need a slide of the patella to the right and need a social technique! And you will be wishing you asked someone once you makes things worse! Of course there is some basic techniques where it will be simple enough to try and see if it helps “a general” pain pattern. (if you need a video for the instructions please let me know and I shall see if I can upload some upon some request!)

Who can use them?
Kinesio taping is more useful for those with an existing pain, swelling or people who need to “calm” or “activate” a muscle. If you do not have any then I don’t see a reason why you should use them. Go find your nearest qualified proffesional who practices kinesio taping an I can assure you that your pains will be gone if not reduced by 80-99% and in some case(me) 100%! as I have very bad medial epicondylitis due to much lifting and climbing, it sure helps me traine and recover faster and I use not only supplements I help me recover….I use these tapes to help me recover in between my workouts so that i can recover faster!

To end this, I’d like to say that if nobody is making any negative feedback, not a single one so far that I have heard or come across, research based products that works. Explore this tape as you would explore your pockets elsewhere and waste money on products that gives you promises rather than guarantee you results. And beware of imitations which looks the same and feels the same but the end product of recovery, activating and many more are very different for kinesio tape as I tried a few and this works well for most of my clients! Good luck!:)

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