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To bare or not to bare.

To vibrams users: The streets have evolved from grass and dirt to hot, unforgiving concrete.

– People are heavier and they train 30 min to 1hr at a time non-stop at a fast clip. During the rest of the day, they sit around and do email or watch TV.

– Long ago, people walked everywhere so their bodies were better conditions – joints, muscles, core, tendons. Everything was stronger.

– Ancient feet were different because of use from birth. Ever seen the Australian aboriginies’ feet? Modern feet are delicate, softer, and narrower.

– Running injuries are more complex than Vibram lets on. Bad form, weekend warrior habits, excessive training, etc. Running shoes can only do so much.

About Jab

Delusionally Optimistic Personal Trainer and Manual Therapist. Lifetime foodie advocate.


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