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Top 8 ways to destroy your Testosterone!

Top 8 ways to  destroy your Testosterone

Below are jus some of the random facts that I feel everyone should know as both males and females WANT to have their testosterone elevated for many health and fitness related reasons which can be discussed in another time. So let’s start reading now shall we.

1-No exercise. Doing resistance training has been shown clinically that it increases testosterone by 37%. Muscles are a good sign of testosterone high testosterone, and girls love this! By exercising a lot more your body will naturally produce much more Testosterone. When you workout very hard your body will increase the amount of testosterone that you have. To get the best benefits from exercise to boost your low testosterone you will need to do compound exercises. What that means is you will need to do more exercises that require more than one muscle at a time. The more muscles you use during a hard wokout the bigger increase in natural Testosterone production. Do compound exercises like kettlebells, Bench press, Squats, Deadlifts , Dips, and Military Press and etc. A good workout session doesnt have to be long and dreaded, good session can also be a good 20minutes of high intensity cicuit based drills. So if you want to oooze of testosterone, lift weights to help you boost both your ego and testosterone to back it up. Look good, feel good and what not more sex.

2- Tight briefs. Now if you’ve been wearing skinny jeans or jus plain wrapping yourself with your pants, you might want to think again. The only reason why your precious two are hanging outside is that they need to be a few degrees cooler than your body’s temperature which is about 98.6•. That’s definitely not a very good idea to keep them pressed against then, so now you have a huge reason to go commando and sleep naked to keep them nice and cool!

3- Binge drinking. At the most intoxicated state, testosterone levels had dropped to an average of 25% lower. It was also interesting to note, that when blood alcohol levels were the highest, testosterone was at its lowest. Alcohol has also been shown to cause a quicker aromatization of androgens into estrogens, which would explain why heavy drinkers often get gynecomastria (bitch tits) over a period of time.  Alcohol is empty calories. It doesn’t have any nutrients, but does have a caloric value of 7 calories per gram. In just one shot (1.5oz) of 80 proof vodka there’s nearly 100 calories. For those of you trying to lose fat, forget it if you are drinking. Not only will the high calorie content of alcohol have a negative effect on your total calorie intake, it hinders testosterone production!! So the next time you want to have your second helping of alcohol, think again.

There you have those short info bites, now its up to you to have your testosterone elevated and start living a healthier life and stop blaming your work, personal trainer, life coach, nutritionist, doctor, lack of time or your couch for your current state of mind and body.  

4- Late nights. Sleeping late ruins your body’s circadian rhythm also known as our biological clock. Just as deep sleep renews the body, REM sleep renews the mind. REM sleep plays a key role in learning and memory. During REM sleep, your brain consolidates and processes the information you’ve learned during the day, forms neural connections that strengthen memory, and replenishes its supply of neurotransmitters, including feel-good chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine that boost your mood during the day. An when your sleep deprived or not well rested, your body will not be able to produce heaps of testosterone. When we get into a really deep state of sleep, that is where testosterone and growh hormones are released the highest! So go on and get some quality sleep and take your power naps!

5- Soy overdose. One word. Estrogen. . The ability of soy protein to decrease Testosterone levels has been well demonstrated. One study displayed a 76% reduction of Testosterone production in men, after ingestion of soy protein over a brief period of time. In yet another study, an inverse association was found between soy protein intake and Testosterone levels in Japanese men. We sure can do with soy every now and then but just watch the next protein based thing you consume as the food industry is going apeshit on this alternative.

6- Zinc deficiency. Being zinc deficiency is what separates the men from testosterone filled teenagers. When was the last time you had a proper boner when you woke up? Nit too frequent I guess? Well most probably your deficient in zinc. A low level of zinc, would yield low testosterone. There was actually a study where through zinc constriction for a period of 20 weeks. The total testosterone serum dropped a whopping 73.9 percent! Every time you have a happy ending you lose up to 5mg of zinc and for those already doin some form of intense exercise, the first thing that gets depleted it your levels of zinc. The best time for consumption of zinc is before you go to bed to help you level them back to where it’s suppose to be or alternatively you can use something which I find is a mans best friends, ZMA! 

7- Fast food. Now a lot of us eat at fast food regularly, especially younger males who feel indestructable.  Well, nothing could be further than the truth. Here is what these fast food contains: trams fat, saturated fats, excitotoxins and Hetercyclic Amines. I might even have missed a lot more actually but these are the jus a few of the stuff we put in our body when we gobble down fast food. As you can see if you were to do a bit of research in all these components they take away your life by lowering your testosterone.
Bottom line:  Don’t eat fast food.  Not one meal. Your gonuts will not thank you.

8- Stress!! Since increased cortisol (and in fact, all glucocorticoids) brings with it decreased testosterone, we want to make sure that we make a mountain out of every molehill we come across. Someone cut you off in traffic? Curse, rant, rave, flip that $#*!% off. Coworker screw up? Ha! We don’t make mistakes in the office, so let them have it! And if your partner says something that could possibly be offensive, but probably wasn’t intended to be, make sure you take it the wrong way. So how does stress lower testosterone?  Most of the research in this area was done through Population Council endocrinologist Matthew Hardy and his work on rats.  He and his teams found out how stress lowers your testosterone:  through a tricky little enzyme called 11ßHSD-1. Your body produces most of its testosterone in the Leydig Cells of the testes and this enzyme keeps cortisol, the primary stress hormone, from pushing down your testosterone.  It literally puts the brakes on cortisol from destroying your testosterone.  However, in times of stress, there is simply too much coristol versus 11ßHSD-1 and this leads to a decrease in your testosterone production.  Of course, anything that lowers testosterone is bad for fertility.

Now that you have some short info bites, this should help you better understand where you can start changing to help you elevate your test levels naturally to feel and look better! Stop putting your blame on your doctor, therapist, personaltrainer, life coach, mom, dad, girlfriends, and even your couch of your current state of mind and body and take things into your own hands and start making change!

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