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The truth about fat gripz


Now this is a very unbiased personal review as a performance coach, personal trainer and a fitness fanatic. I was introduced to the so called fat gripz very casually by a friend of mine(lewis). As always, we’ve introduced each other some interesting stuff that we felt could benefit either party being the passionate people we are.
It was my upper body workout and I was jus started with the incline chest bench press doin 36kgs presses for reps warming up. Now I have to remind you that I consider myself a very strong lifter in the gym mind you. So right before I wanted to go up in weight I was told to regress a bit of weight and try it in with the fat gripz…i was thinkin its mot gonna hurt me after all the years of pain that could only be toture to most people….slipped it in and i was on my way to know something bigger…it was hell. I lifted lighter for more, I mean more quality reps. I went on to do a few more exercises which the fat gripz was made to do(gripping). Chins, rows, farmers walk…I am almost wasted but not giving in to something like this. I stopped and started with flat barbell bench presses(without fat gripz)and started my first warm up set for reps….I couldn’t believe the neural and muscular activation that I had which I have always been lookin for as I have issues with feeling my chest gettin or doin most of the work, it just felt solid and kinda full when I did it and can “feel more when I’m benching that i’m more stable somehow. I think it’s due to old habitual lifts and that affected the neuro activity but let’s not get into that. I started gng for more sets but didn’t try and set the weights for heavier as I felt this working my chest enough!!! This is just an amazing thing for my upper body, with the fact that I can definitely see myself increasing a lot of my lifts and needless to say muscular endavour to grow!! Now for those us who’s been lifting long enough to see fad diets,equipments, tools and of the programming, You’d need only few mins to try something out I know if it works and it did it for Me. You just have to try it to understand for yourself..but until then I assure you that the next lift I write down will be heavier and even if it’s not, at least I’ll have hulk for forearm and be able to tear a pan! I can’t get over the fact that you can literally, yes literally carry it EVERYWHERE!!! It’s simple, fuss free and will last you a lifetime for the price of something that works. Guys this is the new training buddy and you can say hello to new development of upper body and inhumane pumps!! M still recovering from these boys which cause me insane amounts of pumps in my forearms and better activation!
I will definitely post updates on training with this tool. Tune in in a months time.
Verdict: I’m not even gonna waste anymore of your life’s time. A must buy for anyone who gyms. Period.

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Delusionally Optimistic Personal Trainer and Manual Therapist. Lifetime foodie advocate.


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