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Bulletproof your body from all angles!

Following up with the earlier article as promised, I’d like to bring up the next exercise to be the next dominator of the kettlebell exercises, TGU(Turkish Get Ups)

What: For anyone who wants to bulletproof your body from all angles, this is an exercise i would recommend and especially for those who has to throw, or any form over hand lifting(swimming, basketball and rock-climbing etc) to MMA enthusiast to those looking to fix mobility and stability issues. With regards to CK-FMS practioneers, they use this tool to assess some weak points from hip extension, spine mobility, glute activation, weaken/ tightened hip flexors, bad shoulders, knees and ankle mobility and many more. While this may look deceivingly easy to do, it engages the mind and whole body to work to stabilize the kettlebells from falling over or keeping it upright where it’s suppose to stay. Unless your programming calls so that you do this movement at the end of the session, it is very unwise to do so as the rep range for TGU will normally be kept low as it’s a high skilled movement(Olympic snatches, cleans and jerks) which all is highly taxing too. You will be putting the body through multiple planes(Saggital, Frontal etc) of motion making it a true multi planar exercise therefore the mindset of bullet proof from all angles. For the TGU, you can also do this as a part of a program or a stand alone exercise movement practice.

How: There is, if you don’t know yet a few variations to the TGU, but personally I would recommend doing it the hard style way but without the hip drive(feels more comfortable with me). The movement is started off from the ground up.

 1- In lying supine(back on the floor) you will be pressing one kettlebell with arms locked in front of the chest just like you would be doing on a chest press, with your feet placed slightly wider than shoulder width for more ground or base support. Now for whichever hand is pressing the kettlebell, have the same side of the leg to be bent to help you with the transitional moves ,
2-you would then proceed to hinge towards the side while pushing the kettlebell or driving it upwards while still having your elbows on the floor. Make sure that you can feel the eight of the kettlebell being distributed if not adjust it accordingly or have someone see if the line of pull is straight or not.
3- now this is where you drive the kb further upwards using you palm that is rested on the floor. Once done, have your rested palm that’s on the floor to rotate it towards the opposite direction of your foot.
4- this is where it gets interesting…have your palm that is rested in the floor and the foot that’s bent help you to be what I call the “two point contact” and drive your hips off the ground and lift off the feet that is straight into a “side bend”. Make sure that your Kettlebell’s weight once again is distributed properly down the testing palms. It should draw a straight line from the ground up to where the kettlebell is resting. Have your knees in a straight line or behind you palm that is tested on the floor,
5- now try and transition into a single leg kneel(proposal position) or a lunge with you arms still extended above your head.
6- once your in a very strong position and feel ready to transition into standing up, take a deep breath and stand up!

There we go!! But that’s only half a rep, and if your to finish the movement repeat the steps now but just backwards. Holding your breath using the VALSAVA technique defintely helps with the TGU as its a low rep high load and help you create tension to stabilize heavy loads while helping you to create “space” for the spine.

Why: these are the few reasons that you can find as to why and how doing the TGU matters.

-while having the arms extended throughout the movement your muscles surrounding the shoulders will have to try and stabilize thus getting stronger shoulders(especially good for those who do heaps of overhead repetetive movements)
-you can expect to be safely guided with the weight of the ketlebell as they are always pulling you off your centre of gravity making you work harder with less weight and thus, less need to load up extra heavy weight and increase the chances of  injuries.
-resilient body and tougher mentality.
-your metabolic and muscular system can be quickly conditioned due to short intense and more regular workouts.
– this movement will make your lats, shoulders, knees, ankle and hips invincibly strong.

-helps correct wrong movement patterning
-help with the hip drive or activation of the glutes if you do it with the high bridge!

-learn how to distribute load to specific body part.

-learn how to use “ground energy rebound”

-improves focus

-specially helpful for those involved with a lot of overhead throwing or movement eg; baseball, rock-climbers, swimmers etc.

-specially helpful for those with MMA and BJJ training.

-etc etc etc…..i can go on but i think this good enough for you to pick up that kb and learn from a professional or someone who knows how o do it and break it down to you.
The take away message if you can’t see by now is that, the kettlebells have an abundance of ways it can affect our body. Sadly due to lack of proper education and understanding or just plain ignorance, many drills or movements are not exercised properly and is badly done with form even the blind cringe at when doing. Just remember one thing when doing somethin……it is only how much you make out of what ever your’re doing that really matters! Happy trying and let us know how its progressing!

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